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We've offered our Whole30® program free on our website since April 2009, and thousands of people have done the program on their own with great results. But over the years, we've realized people want more support, more guidance, more personalized attention than we can provide in the "rules" of the Whole30.

So we developed a series of resources, designed to help you rock your Whole30 like never before. Our bestselling book, It Starts With Food, details the "why," the "how," and the "what happens next?" of the Whole30 in an entertaining, accessible manner. Our free Whole30 forum is your one-stop-shop for questions, answers, community, and accountability. But still, we thought, can we do more to facilitate your Whole30 success?

We sure can.


30 Days of Support During Your Whole30®

In partnership with healthy eating rock star Melissa Joulwan (author of Well Fed and bloggess at The Clothes Make the Girl), we've created 32 days' worth of information (including a Day 0 and Day 31) written just for you, specific to that particular day of your program. And after watching tens of thousands of people run through our Whole30 program, you can bet your booty we know exactly the kind of guidance you need (and when) to succeed.

The Daily Check-In

The Whole30 Daily is our way of checking in with you during every single day of your Whole30, filling your in-box with positive messages, helpful instructions, and a vast number of resources. We'll provide you with specially developed guidance (especially in the first week); resources to make shopping, prepping, cooking, avoiding temptation, exercising, sleeping, and managing your stress that much easier during your program; and give you introspective assignments designed to keep you focused and aware during every stage of your Whole30. And at the end of every day, you'll get to click the button that says, "Yes, I rocked my Whole30 today!" (and be rewarded with a fun little internet treat, too).

We Go Where You Go

The best part about your Whole30 Daily is that it's completely customizable, and completely portable. You tell us when you'd like to start your Whole30—tomorrow, next week, next month. Have a busy day, and can't jump onto the Whole30 forum or our Facebook page? No problem—your daily check-in faithfully arrives in your in-box every morning, bright and early. Read your daily newsletter on your home computer, when you arrive at work, or while on the go on your iPad or smartphone. And at the end of every day, get the satisfaction of being able to tell us, "I did it!"

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“Thank you for assisting me in altering my life in such a meaningful, fun way. I was having a monstrous time staying committed to leaving behind the foods that I thought I couldn't leave behind. You created a way for me to do that that's more supportive than I ever could have imagined, with enough humor to make me laugh out loud every day.” –Suzanne B.

“These daily emails are fantastic. I've done the Whole30 successfully before without them so I wondered if it would be worth the expense to subscribe. I am glad I did. There are tips and tricks in the emails that I hadn't previously heard of, and the supportive, empathetic voice that the emails are written in is great to wake up to each morning!” – S.G., San Francisco, CA

“I was pretty skeptical about shelling out $15 for emails, but the Whole30 Daily has been SO inspiring! Day 6 and I'm in a sweet groove of reading my daily inspiration while I drink my (black!) morning coffee.” -Ariel G., St. Louis, MO


This sounds awesome, but can I see a preview of the material?

Absolutely! Click here to see one of the actual daily newsletters you'll be receiving as part of your Whole30 Daily subscription.

Can I sign up way ahead of time?

Sure can! Choose your own start date—anytime from tomorrow through a year from now.

Can I pick today as my Whole30 start date?

Nope—because we need to get your "Day 0″ check-in to you before you actually start, you have to sign up for the Whole30 Daily at least one day before you want your program to start.

What time does my daily email arrive?

All emails are scheduled for delivery at 4 AM Eastern, 1 AM Pacific. (Want to know what time it arrives in your country? Use this handy Time Zone Converter, using 4:00 AM in United States - New York, New York as your baseline.)

What if I make some bad choices during my Whole30, and have to start over?

We've built that possibility into our program (even though we hope you never have to use it). At the end of each day, you'll be able to click one of two links—the "I did it!" link, or the "I need to start over" link. If you need to start over, we'll just re-start your Whole30 Daily emails over from Day 1 the following day.

Is the $14.95 a monthly charge or is this a one-time fee?

It's a one-time fee. You get 31 days of support for $14.95. You are only charged once.

Are the emails text-only, or do they include cool graphics and images?

They all include images, but you may need to set your email preferences to view them. (In Gmail, for example, you'll have to click "Always show images from…" when you get your first email.) If your email system is not set up to display images in email, you'll see plain text instead.

I've done seventeen Whole30′s already. Will the Whole30 Daily benefit me, too?

The Whole30 Daily is more geared towards those new to the Whole30 program, or those who feel like they need even more guidance and accountability to stay on track. However, we've interjected enough new content into the 30 days that even veteran Whole30′ers should still learn something new—and if your job is to help others change their nutritional habits, you'll benefit from seeing how we lay out our day-by-day guidance.

I'm still not sure this is for me...

We understand--but we're confident that the Whole30 Daily will be the best news you get all day, and we're willing to back that up. If at any time during your first seven days of daily email service, you decide our material just isn't that helpful, send a note to with your detailed feedback and we'll happily refund your money.

That was so awesome I want to do it again!

Hooray! If you've already gone through the Whole30 Daily, but are itching to go one more time, step right this way. A second time around -- with the same great content, and the same daily reminders to stay with your commitment -- is discounted to $4.95.



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